Gavin's Story(on hold)

Gavin's Story(on hold)

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lilartist22 By lilartist22 Updated Dec 22, 2012

I finally realized i was awake, taking me a few minutes to actually do so. Then realizing id reached consciousness i regretted it immediately. Usually when you wake up you can't help it and you cant go back to sleep. 

Pain, that is all there was around me, so bad you can't think or see, truly awful. Trying not to talk, that is something you should definatly put on you not to do list in this situation. Moving, dont go there either.

'hes awake' 'how do you know?' they watched him siliently for a moment as he struggled. 'waa...?' escaped finally from his lips. 'yeah heas awake.'

The world was screaming into my ears and something was moving toward me. The footsteps and slight slide as each foot came across the tiled floor sounded like gushots and cannon fire beside my head. Whispers above me came as thunder shaking the ground. Something went over my ears and eyes, every sound and thing stopped it was the miricle i couldnt expect to come to me. 

All i could hear now was my own movments; my breathing and my franticly beating heart

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kaetilden kaetilden Mar 10, 2012
@lilartist22 No problem, it was good! And haha I know how it is. The laptops at our school have missing keys sometimes, so typing sucks!
lilartist22 lilartist22 Mar 10, 2012
@kaetilden Thank you for reading! i know my grammar stinks and im missing the N key on my keyboard so that doesnt help!
kaetilden kaetilden Mar 10, 2012
The grammar needs some work, but overall it's good. I like the amount of description, even in this short part. Good job:)