Boys vs. Girls

Boys vs. Girls

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Jessica By WolfAngelGirl Completed

When Jessica is forced to go to a boarding school she thinks that it is going to be a strict school that doesn't let you have any fun. Well, boy was she wrong. Instead of math, science, history, and your normal school subjects you learn how to capture, fight, and build weapons. She is forced to choose which side to be on. The boys or the girls. 

What side will she choose? What will happen if she chooses a side? 

 Find out in Boys vs. Girls

Why not gender symbols? I think it would look cool. No colour. You know the thing where it looks like a circle on top of a T?
I honestly would choose the boys because I think there is less drama and the play more instead of talkin and talking
Also I'm really agressive maybe it's because I watch wwe idk
zeelee1245 zeelee1245 Aug 11
Nooooooo JB IS MY LIFE I WOULD BREATHE HIM IN EVERYDAY (that sounds weird)
Just by reading the first chapter I can tell I'm going to like it
Same girl!! I always ask my friends to fight but they don't want and I'm 5 feet so I don't see the problem