Beloved (Editing 50%)

Beloved (Editing 50%)

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Scyrenne By Scyrenne Updated Aug 09, 2015

As young as she was. Aimee Rainecourt already found her destined beloved by accident but who happens to be the next heir to the throne of the Vampire kingdom. Understanding her family's position in life,  she kept it a secret to him due to her insecurities and decided that the prince is better off not knowing that his beloved is of no royal blood. But the same time, she, herself hurt by her own decision.

Prince Edmund de Clare has been waiting for his beloved all his life. When he turned of age, he felt that all hope is lost his beloved cannot be found but is required to choose a fit queen for his upcoming accession to the throne.

What will the both of them do if fate played its cards and made them meet?

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Booksforlife4901 Booksforlife4901 Mar 08, 2015
it's only the first chapter and I love it already. great job at writing.
_n_i_e_v_e_ _n_i_e_v_e_ Sep 22, 2014
Brilliant writing- love the way you finished this chapter. Xx
Janelle07 Janelle07 Sep 21, 2014
This is amazing. You're writing is so detailed and exquisite! It was so cute and heartbreaking the moment they touched and the sparks flew but then they were pulled away, back to their opposite lives. I just love this story already and I am indeed adding it to my reading list, I am so intrigued!
6xhku_ 6xhku_ Sep 21, 2014
okay so i just read this aND OH MY LIVER IT'S SO GOOD! I LOVE YOUR WRITING STYLE ALREADY AND I CAN'T WAIT TO KEEP READING! love your guts girl!! xoxoxoxo
unbelievably_b unbelievably_b Jun 16, 2014
Wow! A lot of description and I liked how we had some suspense of Aimee throughout the prologue. Very great prologue!
SaraCooke SaraCooke Mar 01, 2014
OMG it's good so far i can't belive she wil meet him again and soon. And i know being a peasant shouldn't stop her or won't let it stop her from being with him ....... she shouldn't i know i woudn't and just because he's the prince doesn't matter either.