It's all Falling Down

It's all Falling Down

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Lana Nightshade By Akarui Updated Mar 20, 2012

"It's all falling down!  No!  I can't have a mate, I can't!" I screamed, my head in my hands.
I heard him stand and walk across the room.  Stopping in front of me, he growled.  "You do!  I am your mate!  You're not leaving!"
"Oh, yes I am!  I am, and you can't stop me!" I shouted lifting my head.
"Yes I can!  You belong to me!" he growled, before slamming his lips to mine.

My name is Mystery.  I used to belong to the Heartland pack, where my father was Beta.  I had two best friends, and the boy who I thought was my mate.  Chance Markham is not my mate.  Once I realized this; I ran...

Damon Cross' life was fine.  he was the new Alpha of the Twilight Dawn pack, his best friend was his Beta, and he held the respect of all his pack.  But he didn't have his mate...

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