My First Kiss 💋 (and Other Summer Disasters)

My First Kiss 💋 (and Other Summer Disasters)

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DS Jamison By Monrosey Updated 5 days ago

Hartley's face morphs into a slow understanding. "Oh my God ... you're scared!"

"I'm not scared," I outright lie.

"Of course, you are. You have no idea what to expect! It's like going into battle without the basic training of boot camp." She stops suddenly and faces me. "Do you want me to teach you how to kiss?"

"Gross, no!" 

"Oh, come on. It's not a big deal."

I shake my head so vigorously it feels like it might twist right off my neck. "We're done talking about this," I tell her, darting in the opposite direction.

Hartley laughs and jogs after me. "I'm not going to actually kiss you, silly. I'm just going to walk you through how it's done. You know ... like a play by play."

I stop and stare. "A play by play? For kissing?"

"Exactly. That way you'll know what to expect."

"And you're not going to laugh at me?" I ask, suspicious.

My best friend's eyes widen in mock horror. "I would never."


Fifteen-year-old Gwen Lincoln has three goals before sophomore year begins: experience her first kiss; find a way to get rid of her annoyingly "cute" chipmunk cheeks once and for all; and forget about the separation of her parents, something she has yet to mention to her best friend Hartley MacKenna, whose house she's visiting for the summer in New Orleans. 

With Hartley taking charge of their ambitious to-do list, Gwen's summer of change begins, but nothing prepares her for meeting Sullivan "Sully" Reed, the impossibly cute soccer player next door, who to her utter disbelief, asks her on a date. 

Caught between trying to live her life and trying to run away from it, Gwen heedfully conforms to Hartley and Sullivan's adventure-seeking world, but when she discovers the devastating secret her friends have been hiding, she must learn to face her own demons - with a little guidance from the big-hearted drag queen down the street - or else surrender herself to a tragic reality.

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girlyfuckingwriter girlyfuckingwriter May 26, 2017
I know advertising in the comments is pretty pathetic but I'm really hoping for someone to read my story and tell me how it is so far. I hope it's interesting enough :)
apandemonium apandemonium May 02, 2017
If she achieves her new sophisticated self, she needs to teach EVERYTHING
I think I'm going to love this story. Your doing great for a first try , really. It a new different from your other stories and it already made me laugh.
                              So keep it up
BrittanieCharmintine BrittanieCharmintine May 23, 2017
I'll bet there's more requirements for the person on the other side of those lips than she's willing to admit. :D
BrittanieCharmintine BrittanieCharmintine May 23, 2017
Ugh! I have had this happen before. On a 6 hour flight. Not fun.
-antisocialsadie -antisocialsadie Dec 01, 2017
yay im rereading and waiting for you to update again <3
                              (if you don't know this is me, your former always reader, @nikethequeen)