Silver Cat{Black Cat Sequel}

Silver Cat{Black Cat Sequel}

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N. Elice By NiraElice Updated Jan 19, 2016

{Sequel to Black Cat: You need to read Black Cat to understand This one!}
There is a reason the Feral's are the forgotten Immortals. They're monsters, ferocious blood craving beasts. Animals that take human form, their murderous past forced the Immortal court to seal away their presence in a fragile treaty. The Ferals would be allowed to remain free, but the cost was their ability to reproduce. All of their women were sacrificed, and the deal was made.

Sybelle Vertigo, seemingly simple high-school student with high dreams of becoming a full time veterinarian. Until that is she picks up a stray black cat on a rainy day, Balto.

Her life goes from weird to dangerous in a blink, her families lies bubble up and she's told the last thing she ever expected. She is a Feral.

Balto's desire to protect his now Mate Sybelle is overwhelming even more so now. But her sickness only worsens, and the Immortal court is beginning to sniff around. With the walls closing in around him, Balto must turn to the last person on earth he wants help from: His brother, Murderer, raging Psychotic, and Sadistic he is the last hope. All he asks for in return is Balto's heart on a silver platter.