The Fallen ~ A Jacob Black love story~

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Emily By EmilyJean96 Completed
Who knew that my brothers death would clear so many things up for me. We are finally adjusting to Forks. I thought I could live a normal life. That's what I've always wanted. But now. He's back, and He's coming for me.....
love your writing by the way and I know this is asking a lot ,but can you make me the lead character for your next Jacob book I would be vary grateful if  you did
I read all your books but why do you use the characters Emily
To the author: I hope you don't actually feel the way the character does if you do I'm here for you
@EmilyJean96 You are very welcome. And, thank you for posting your works of art on here. You are an inspiring person. I wish that I could write that we'll.
@just_meelissa Me all the way. And no one will ever know about my physical and mental scars. I'm here for you if you want to chat.
Story of my life. I'm the girl who "would never be depressed" cause "I have the perfect life."