In the Heart of a Hunter (Kuroko no Basuke Fiction)

In the Heart of a Hunter (Kuroko no Basuke Fiction)

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Midorima's Love By AquaticSunshine Updated Jan 01, 2016

Who could ever thought that someone can beat these so called "Kiseki no Sedai"

No one though anyone or someone can even stand a chance

Nobody believed.

Not until someone barged into the gates towards the title of becoming a "prodigy".

But what would happen if something more develops for their counterpart other that a rivalry?

Even more than friendship?

Join the GOM and the KNB cast on the wild ride together with Tori as they discover something more than what they actually have in life.

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keicrys keicrys Jul 19, 2017
I just read a fantasy webcomic where humans were referred as birds, meaning prey.
nikkotwelve nikkotwelve Aug 07, 2017
i dunno who to marry, i love too many ppl like imayoshi, murasakibara, midorima
11kuroko11 11kuroko11 Jun 15, 2017
                              FREAK THE FREAK OUT!
                              MY BEST FRIEND BROTHER!
                              (If u understand i freaking love you)
- - Sep 26, 2017
lol I love the reference you made 'Jeager' it is Eren from attack on titan. Also I think you did it unintentionally but the 'my name is Victoria but call me Tori' it is like a name of a girl from a show called Victorious. Her full name is Victoria Vega, but people just call her Tori Vega
marshy_coffee marshy_coffee May 09, 2017
I'm just gonna imagine "him" as Drossel Keinz but with orange eyes 👀 🙂
Himeko_Shiratori Himeko_Shiratori Jul 19, 2017
So that us why i thought the surname is familiar. Hi fellow Attack on titan fan! Or Shingeki no Kyojin.