Naughty Files (R Rated) (on hold)

Naughty Files (R Rated) (on hold)

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EveMoon By LittleCottageLady Updated Jul 11, 2012

This is a Collection of R rated Sexual short Stories.... ranging from Office, Cowboy, Outside, Police officers, Firemen, Basically any men in uniforms, I have a thing for them okay, don'y judge.... ha ha.
This will contain all sorts of things and if you have anything you would like to see written send me a msg about the type and I will see what I can do.... hope you enjoy

Each Chapter is a Story just so you know, and they will never be posted in partial, it will be done before posted......

NONE OF THESE STORIES WILL BE MADE LONGER....... just wanted to point that out for the fans. They are ONE SHOTS ONLY, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the Naughty side to life as much as I do.....

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ArtIsBeauty ArtIsBeauty May 23, 2014
You have inspired me to continue school. You're an excellent parent.
booksbookbookbook booksbookbookbook Jan 09, 2014
Can you write of doing something during the bath? Thanks ----xoxo
clairytalus clairytalus Apr 29, 2013
I'm glad you wrote this, you have courage and should be proud of your work. Also know that you have many fan out there to support you :D
XxXPinkyXxX XxXPinkyXxX Apr 11, 2013
I completely agree, if you don't like it don't read it, writing is a talent, what one person thinks is bad another person would think is the best piece of work in the world. I personally think you are a very talented writer.
MichelleReid MichelleReid Jan 18, 2013
I totally agree with what you just said 100% if they dont like it stop reading it I think ppl should encourage others cause writing is hard and I for oneam jealous of this talent but hey I get to read the stories do I can't complain :) xx
TheWeirdGirl143 TheWeirdGirl143 Dec 05, 2012
Amen! I'm glad some one feels like I do, I just never could put what I felt I to words. I write a lot too, some ppl like my stories, some don't. And I've been discouraged because I felt like my works weren't good enough for attention. But thanks for your words :)