Bonnie and Clyde (August Alsina Story)

Bonnie and Clyde (August Alsina Story)

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Call me Tay . ♥ By Gxddess Updated May 17, 2017

You raise the gun,

   I pull the trigger.

You wanna piece this nigga,

  Well lemme have one half.

You wanna take a ride,

  Relax and lemme drive

I'm gone ride for you and you gone ride for me. Just like,

Bonnie and Clyde.

August known as Big A , and  Ravaugh known as Rae , are New Orleans Bonnie and Clyde. You wanna fuck with one, you fucking with them both. They known eachother since Middle school ,  and been riding for eachother since the beginning of Highschool . Ain't no leaving cause these two sticking together like Bonnie and Clyde.

cupcakee_ke cupcakee_ke Oct 30, 2017
You all go read this book called "twinning" by zaaay zaaay , make sure to vote and comment .
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AsiaBaybeh AsiaBaybeh May 09, 2016
I already admire bonnie and clyde stories and this omg...ima pass out...
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AYEEEE YASSSSSSS, @i haven't seen bonnie and Clyde yet
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