No Goodbye's

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Rememberence By Rememberence Updated 3 years ago
Sequel to The Hog Tied Cowboy. This book is about the daughter in the first book, Sophia, and her best friend since birth, Channing Caldwell. Sophia has been in love with Channing since bfore she can even remember. At only six years old Channing knew what he wanted...he wanted the open road, the rodeo rides and the women. At the age of Sixteen he leaves without even bidding Sophia a goodbye...they said they would be together forever and ever...what will happen when Channing comes back five years later...will Sophia want her best friend back.. or will she no longer care for forever and evers, only never evers?
you tell him sophie... i dont blame you girl for beeing pissed id be too. and thank you blake for standing by her through it all  :)