An "Imaginary friend"

An "Imaginary friend"

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NanaSori7 By NanaSori7 Updated Oct 05, 2017

Marian smith it's a normal teenage girl that loves to sing, draw, read and talk to his "imaginary best friend" Andrew Jackson.

She met him when she was 9, in a familiar trip to the woods.
Since then, Andrew and Marian meets every night at her backyard.

avoiding all the stuff of the "imaginary best friend", Marian is a normal girl in school, she has three best friends called Veronica, Meryl and Alejandra.

what happen when Marian start growing up and not having time for Andrew? 

why does Andrew came back from his world all beaten up? 

Is Andrew developing feeling for Marian?

Is Meryl going to get a boyfriend soon? 

Are veronica and Alejandra going to have a relationship together?

it's my very firts story, please join Marian and her friends in this love adventure through difrerent dimentions.