He Likes Jello...

He Likes Jello...

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Dear Readers, 

   My name is Sage Williams, here you will read about the big, crazy, romantic, intense, comedic, sad, angry, lifeless, enjoyable, serious, complicated, aggravating, imaginable, creative, emotional, lovable times and events in my life. 

I'm positively sure that while your reading this, your mind will be blown, your cheeks will hurt from so much laughing, you'll think the writer about my life is completely crazy, I mean, who would  write about this? About a Cow? About a hot boy who happens to like Jello? About a girl who lands her ass in jail and tries digging Tod out with a spoon? You're reading this thinking, what the hell is she talking about? Well, if you take a look inside this book, you'll uncover the secrets of my life, an explanation, and though it's just the beginning, this story of mine will contain a rollercoaster full of events. 

You'll seek the truth behind every lie that is hidden in this book, the cast of events that are sure to happen will expose the most unexplainable, crazy twists and turns. I'm not just an ordinary girl, and how cliche is that? I'm highly unique, and I promise you, in my story you'll meet my family, my friends, my lovers, my cow, my fish and most importantly, me. 

Lots of Love, Sage Williams.

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