Seducing an ANGEL   [on hiatus]

Seducing an ANGEL [on hiatus]

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Andrea By SwiftyLacus13 Updated Jan 19, 2013

An avid fan of a well-known painter, Lilith Eve cannot sit straight when their gallery was chosen to launch the new creations of the elusive Luke Gabriel. But the infamous Mr. Gabriel was never who she expected him to be.

Xavier Evans has only one mission--to save Lilith from the eternal damnation she found herself in. To adorn her existence with joy, hope, and love but not at his expense. How can he bring Lilith into the Light if her sole purpose was to taint him to bargain for her "freedom"? Will she unknowingly grab her longed solace in exchange of Xavier's wings? Or will Xavier willingly sacrifice himself for Lilith's happiness?

One way or another, there seems to be no way to be together.


A story of Light and Darkness.
Of Heaven and Hell.
Of Angels and Demons--well, of an Angel and a Succubus.

Can they meet halfway?

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  • archangel
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jewel1307 jewel1307 Mar 03, 2014
Episode 1 
                              Was not what I was expecting at all, but I like how you did it. It defines the differences in both characters very clearly.
FeistyBocchan FeistyBocchan Mar 01, 2014
okay, that was a great poem! and it actually made me understand the plot. Althought I would suggest you to put that as a prologue or keep it and add text....
FeistyBocchan FeistyBocchan Mar 01, 2014
really nice prologue! I just loved the mystery you created around the characters but explained us the main theme....really good!
SwiftyLacus13 SwiftyLacus13 Aug 19, 2012
@DonverAbantoBriones  haha, slmat!  :D  enjoy, pero wg ka-enjoy  ;p
RLRL_TOO RLRL_TOO Aug 19, 2012
@PaulaAndrea13 kea nga.. hahaha ok lng un.. basta i-update mo huh.. i-recommend ko na din ito sa friends ko hehehe!!
SwiftyLacus13 SwiftyLacus13 Aug 19, 2012
@DonverAbantoBriones  haha! sabi na eh. recommend mo sa iba  ;)  mejo mtgal nga lng upd8 nyan, alm mo nman gawain natin  >.<