The psychologists choice.

The psychologists choice.

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Stacey Lauren By DrummerGURL Updated Aug 10, 2012

A terminally ill 16 year old girl seeks out a psychologists help. One would think it would be to speak about her fears about dying, this girl only has one wish...

She wants to die.

She has been forced by her foster parents to see a psychologist on her situation. Her psychologist is not a huge fan of kids but is taking on this case because she needs the money...

Can she give this 16 year old girl a reason to live or will she find the strength to help kill a young child who has barely seen what life has to offer???

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DrummerGURL DrummerGURL Mar 30, 2012
@AnonomousZ Thanks but also criticize the chapter but in a nice way plz. I wanted people to want to read the third chapter@laughingatmyself Thanks for the criticism and encouragement. @AnonomousZ Thanks for reading.
DrummerGURL DrummerGURL Mar 29, 2012
I am writing it from the girls pov and the psychologists pov, it needs to end somewhere here so I can switch to the psychologists pov, but the switch back will continue from where I left off... Do you think I should make it longer?
DrummerGURL DrummerGURL Mar 26, 2012
@laughingatmyself  I finished chapter 1. Please tell me what you think.
DrummerGURL DrummerGURL Mar 26, 2012
thinking of changing the names, any ideas for names for future characters as well?
DrummerGURL DrummerGURL Mar 24, 2012
Will add to it soon I promise, thank you. Thank you, you don't know how much I appreciate this. Mwa