The Girl Who Stole My World

The Girl Who Stole My World

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Whiskeyqueenn By Whiskeyqueenn Updated Jul 30

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A relationship is a nest, you take your time building it and layering each stick in its proper place for a future that you are creating.

Along comes the predator, the fake, the fraud, the pretender disguised as your friend, your family. 

She infiltrates into your world, pulling at the sticks that you so delicately laid. The grooming is so subtle at first that you don't understand it until you take a step back and connect all the dots.

Little by little the nest, you have built up starts to be taken away so her nest can take shape. 

How do you move forward? How do you learn to trust again? How do you believe in yourself?

After the death of her best friends, Blue's life takes a series of down twisting turns that leave her on a painful journey of self-discovery about how hard life can hit. Follow Blue through the struggles of re-claiming back her life again and doing the hardest thing possible, to forgive the girl who stole her world

kahrees kahrees Jul 09
Whoah what. Please tell me this isn't two girls fighting over one guy. I've heard a lot about your skills
Alequinnstclair Alequinnstclair 7 days ago
The boyfriend is one thing but NOBODY would ever be able to take my dog.
My heart is beating so fast that's how much I'm excited I am to read this
vitallove vitallove Jun 20
The pain never goes away babe ,it always stays there ,a reminder of the what ifs .
ExotiqNerd ExotiqNerd Aug 02
I would have left them up. It's a part of your past. Don't erase it. Leave it as a reminder. 
                              Of how much he sucks and how they both need to kick rocks. 
                              I tried not to be petty *shrugs*
eagle231 eagle231 Jul 04
I just finished reading Clayton and I want to say before I start..I love your style and depth of writing. Makes me more insightful.