Quirky Romantic Queries About Love - Quirky Series #2

Quirky Romantic Queries About Love - Quirky Series #2

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(Sequel to Quirky Tale of April Hale)
  April thinks she has it all figured out. She will study film, a subject she's extremely passionate about. She will make movies, get rich, and then get married with Ryder Black, her Precious Person. 
  But then life is never going on exactly like what you've planned, right? For April, who only knows how to be an outsider all her life, finding herself getting accepted AND celebrated in college feels... weird, almost twisted. She's not sure if she likes the attention, especially since it creates a raft between her and Ryder.

For Ryder, who never had to try hard to get the respect from others, finding himself working minimum wage and skipping college just to get by is a major hit on his self-esteem.... and it doesn't help that his past is coming back to haunt him.

Most of the times, movies and medias only show us how the boy and the girl get together. But what about staying in love together?

Dear lord.     I don't know how much I'm worth to my parents BUT IT SURE AINT 70 GRAND
                              More like $10
I love this so much... when I saw that there was a sequel I literally went fangirl!!!!! Love you
AnneJunio1 AnneJunio1 Nov 06
When I first read the first book, these two really got me. With Ryder doing his usual bad boy things and April and her innocence.
                              They were really good together. ❤
                              And Ryder, ugh! Always a sweetheart.
EllieLife EllieLife Oct 10
*me in the night steals curse jars gets caught by Wattpaders* you never saw any thing ssshhh
Is she taking all of her teddy bears with her? Is she going to be like that one girl at the begging of pitch perfect who drops all of their stuffed animals everywhere, because I could totally see April doing thar
I'm so confused... Did the author delete the rest of the book and restart or something??? There were like, 8 chapters before?!? @demonicblackcat