Alpha's dirty secret

Alpha's dirty secret

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I was happy, I had a family and a perfect life or that’s how it used to be…

Abigail is a good girl, wait—cross that out let me start again.

Abigail was a good girl, she was smart, kind and has a way of seeing the beauty of others.  But that all changes when she met her mate, someone who would love her unconditionally but it seems that would be another case.

Her mate was no other than the soon-to-be alpha, lucky her right? But her mate is already in love with someone else… so what would happen to poor little Abby?

Oh well the alpha will realise that Abby is the person he truly love blah… blah… blah…

If only things would be that easier, but to Abby nothing is easy… the person her mate loves is no other than her sister, so what would she do?

2 things that Abby hate hurting is her precious big sister and her mate, so guess what she decided to do… be the alpha’s dirty secret.


But nothing can be that simple for her, because she also hold a dirty secret herself that no one could’ve imagine… if only she knew how it sucks to be the alpha’s dirty secret…


  • alpha
  • betrayal
  • mate
  • mystery
  • secret
  • sexual
wattypaduser wattypaduser Dec 19, 2013
Whoo new story! So many unanswered questions already... Cole is a jerk. I hope she finds someone so that Cole can be jealous and possessive toward Abby. A taste of his own medicine. Update soon please. Are done with your surgery already?! o.o