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Eden has never seen a zoo before. In her world, zoos don't exist. 
The Anthros do. 

Anthros are 'human zoos' created by the machines that have taken over Earth, pushing humans into being critically endangered. Humans are hunted for their desirable qualities and put behind the 20mm thick glass for other cybernetic organisms to view and study. Behind the walls, though, humans deemed "imperfect" are tortured and subject to nightmarish  medical experiments. 

Eden is a runner-- an individual given the task of going above ground and retrieving materials necessary for the free humans to survive. Together, she and her best friend Linux are experts at their job and have raided countless warehouses. When one botched supply run lands them in the hands of the cybernetics, Eden makes an easy decision: save Linux and sacrifice herself. This leads to her becoming a prisoner and lab rat to the machines, and she will be forced to undergo horrors she never dreamed of. Saving herself will be the hardest thing she's ever done. 

When your life consists of running from one hiding place to another, dodging being captured, and living in fear of the grinding of machinery, freedom is just a state of mind.

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