Shattered: book 1 of the Shattered Series

Shattered: book 1 of the Shattered Series

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Alex Orchard By MiniMoxx Completed

What would you do if you found out the love of your life wasn't as perfect as you thought he was?

Hollie loved words; she had since she could remember. It was something that ostracised her from everyone around her and forced her parents to disown her. That was, until she met Jack.

Sam had been Jack's best friend for four years, and Hollie's for two. When he had met Hollie, there had been undeniable chemistry between them that everyone around them could see. 
Determined to be happy with Jack, Hollie ignored her feelings for Sam and carved out what she thought was the perfect life with Jack.
Little did she know that it would be far from perfect and she would feel more trapped than she ever had before.

Hollie soon learns that the perfect life she thought she had carved for herself was never really perfect at all, and that Jack was not the perfect man she thought he was when Jack is arrested on suspicion of rape.

With no idea what to believe or where to turn, she finds a new meaning of feeling alone. 
That is, until Sam becomes the saviour she never knew she needed.


#1 in Domestic Violence category 26/7/2020
#1 in Sexual Assault category 17/8/2020

1st Place - the Undiscovered Awards (general fiction) 
1st Place - The Wings of Ignis Awards (general fiction)
1st Place - The Faith Awards (general fiction)
3rd Place - The KitKat Awards (general fiction)
3rd Place - Plum Blossom Awards 2020
Featured on @NewAdultReads romance book list 15/9/20