Against The Odds (The Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

Against The Odds (The Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

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Zoë Grace Alder By ZoeAlder Completed

Marina Dax. Ex best friend of Finnick Odair. It's been four years since he won and ditched me. I have zero friends and almost no money, yet I refuse to get tesserae. I fish for a living, so I don't need tesserae. At the Reaping for the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games, I'm shocked when my name is called. However, I'm not shocked when no one volunteers. My sister was Reaped three years ago and killed, so family was out of the question. And like I said, I have no friends. But what happens when I'm stuck with Finnick Odair as my mentor? I refuse to fall for his charm, but what about his eyes?


Book 1: Against the Odds (Completed)
Book 2: Fighting Midnight (In Progress)
Book 3: Lifeline (Coming Soon)

Weezie_24 Weezie_24 Jun 17
This is really interesting. Can't wait to see what happens next. I also have a Hunger Games fic with a district 4 OC, if you'd like to check it out:
Hi! I just found your story, and I realised that I think my book is a lot like yours. I promise it's all a coincidence if there are any similarities, because I just found your book and I love it 😇
Love this book already! Just wondering, does anyone know the girl on the cover? Sorry I'm really clueless
Oh, this is amazing! Just like all of your other works! Absolutely fabulous.
killp50 killp50 Dec 06, 2015
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!! Well, you always produce good stories. I should not be surprised.
Lori-Lori-Novels Lori-Lori-Novels Nov 12, 2015
Sounds a lot like what Prims story would be like if Katniss died in the arena