She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved

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Gabbieee :) By peterpxnlou Updated Mar 10, 2012

Andria Clare and Preston Scott were the school's golden couple. They had everything. They were perfect together. Everyone expected them to live happily ever after.

But underneath all that is the truth.

Preston has a massive anger issue. He pressures Andria to be the perfect girlfriend. And when something  doesn't go his way he gets pissed. How does he take this anger out?

On Andria.

She tries so hard to be perfect for him, but it seems nothing she does will ever be good enough.

After an encounter with a not-so-good friend, Andria is finally learning how to stand up for herself. But will she ever have the guts to dump Preston?

And what if she falls in love...with someone else? 

Will her fear and love for an abusive boyfriend overcome all her heart's desires?

A teenage girl. Struggling with dating abuse and loving someone other than her boyfriend. How will Andria ever get what she truly desires?

Someone to love her for who she is.

peterpxnlou peterpxnlou Mar 10, 2012
                              Aw(: thanks! And yeah. His whole "nice and charming" thing is an act for Andria's dad. But more of that will be shown later in the story. 
                              And u have no idea how much I appreciate the comment and feedback! :)
madeleinep4197 madeleinep4197 Mar 08, 2012
@GoldDustWoman okey dokey :) n awes u dedicated it to me awwwwwwww I LOVE YOU GABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peterpxnlou peterpxnlou Mar 08, 2012
                              Yeah, I tried putting it up, but it won't let me on my phone or ipod...I NEED A COMPUTER! D;
                              Imma do it tomorrow at school...or at least try..aha!
                              And ooh! Thanksss! :)
madeleinep4197 madeleinep4197 Mar 08, 2012
Haha oh and post your other stories too!!!!!!!! Oh and are you going to put up your cover you made? You should!
                              P.s. a good way to get reads is to advertise in clubs like share your story club :))))
madeleinep4197 madeleinep4197 Mar 08, 2012
Yay! Love it! Upload again soon! Awesome discriptions :) go Gabbie!!!!!!!!!!