TJL#12#Princess Of Fairy Tale

TJL#12#Princess Of Fairy Tale

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Arshia Saif Kayanat By HiddenInTheEpic Updated Nov 25, 2017

She lives in Fairy Tale, believes all that Fairy tales she is hearing from her childhood. She lives in dream kingdom and she herself is the Empress of it. She is so innocent and she believes all that Prince Charming things. 20 years old Natasha Axton is just opposite of her Identical twin Natalie Axton who is savage, outspoken and hot headed. Natasha is a girl who never speaks in high tone, she never shouts at anyone, always speaks soft. She always smiles. She tries to spread smile to everyone. Never says no to anyone if they are asking for help. But her family is so afraid of her attitude as there are thousands of syndicates in the street of London who can easily use her as a hostage against them.

Knights are the Business rival of Axtons. They were once associates and partners but there were some terrible misunderstanding that they became rival. 24 years old Christian Knight is CEO of Knights empire. Now, its time to pay back. He wants The Axton to repay the betray. He knows the weakness of Axton. Natasha, Natasha Axton. The naive girl who is the target of his venom arrow. He wants to rip her apart that they can understand what they had done. But little did he knows, it will be very difficult to hurt an innocent soul, specially this girl Natasha who is full of life and dreams.

Will Christian be able to get his revenge??? Will he hurt Natasha??? Or he won't be able to resist her beauty???

  • betrayal
  • hatred
  • innocence
  • love
  • revenge
Emma_dcruz Emma_dcruz May 19, 2017
Dude....  You just fired a girl because she checked you out. 
                              Don't say things about our cute *Sleeping Beauty *...😘
Emma_dcruz Emma_dcruz May 19, 2017
*fury* that sounds like a name of some guy in Avengers. *Nick Fury*