so so cheesy..i am aware ;) but i think its cute! you think so? vote for it! you know how i feel and relate completely? comment!!! XD
jk really, vote an comments everyone! ;)

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JustMEasITshouldbe JustMEasITshouldbe Apr 05, 2012
@PutDownMyCupcakes aw thank you so very much! <3 it's for my Nikki-poo <3
PutDownMyCupcakes PutDownMyCupcakes Apr 05, 2012
it's funny and sweet. and it's cheesy-in a good way 
                              definitely voted
Explosivewafflez Explosivewafflez Mar 23, 2012
Hahaha so sweet xD Funny too cuz I have a story called Hey Cutie :P *voted*
JustMEasITshouldbe JustMEasITshouldbe Mar 10, 2012
@cupcakequeen16 this is the cheesiest thing i ever wrote in my life, he was so happy when he read it lol you should read "a poem from a boy to me" The guy-Nikki- wrote it for me, an he left a comment on that poem :) it's as cheesy at this one!