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2P!America x Reader: Shit Happens

2P!America x Reader: Shit Happens

70K Reads 2.6K Votes 14 Part Story
Tristin Fiction By Fiction-Junkie Completed

The American Revolution was brutal. Blood was shed left and right. The boy Arthur used to know was now as strong as he, and he could do nothing about it. Once the battle was won, Alfred had declaired himself as America. As he went off, leaving Britain behind, he constantly looked back. He would remember the fun times they had together; the laughs they shared with so much passion and heart. But those days were nothing now. America needed to create his own happy memories within his own Nation.  Ever since that dark day, something dark festered within Alfred. Years and years went by and he tried desperately to surpress the evil, hiding it with a smile around his friends.   As Alfred looked in the mirror, the only thing he could see was that aura of evil, which seemed to have formed into a humanization. As he observed it closer, he noticed the apperition looked exactly like him, but with a darker hint. Alfred was terrified and tried to run. But the other was just as fast. He glared at the Real America with scarlet eyes, his dark brown hair wavering in front of his face. As the imposter smiled, a single tooth had been missing. The bomber-jacket wardrobe and denum jeans remained the same, but the attitude differed completely. It wasn't long before the second Alfred had changed things. He kept the first Alfred in fear, threatening him constantly with his nail-embedded baseball bat; which had been blood-stained over time from innocent victims. And through those harsh years, Alfred learned-from Italy-about his other being. And Italy said:  "They are called 2Ps; Second Players. They are the evil and mean versions of us, and they call us 1Ps; First Players".  From that day forward, Allen, Alfred's 2P, had run his life like a dictator.  But what was life like from the 2P's point of view?

Piscesaki Piscesaki Dec 28, 2016
I'm a girl with a frying pan like Hungary but with long hair and is in love with-
                              Friend Kyle: SHUT UP 
                              Friend Angelica:Jelly much Kyle
                              Friend Kyle: SHUT THE FUC-
Piscesaki Piscesaki Dec 28, 2016
I yelled baseball at the top of my lungs and my Friend Kyle ran into my room yelling
                              "WHERE THE F*CK IS ALLEN"
Piscesaki Piscesaki Dec 28, 2016
                              Friend Kyle:ILL F*CKING KILL YOU LOV
                              Me and Friend Angelica: HAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHA
Rewa12345 Rewa12345 Dec 03, 2016
Better than white and black uniforms.
                              My uniform is ugly AF.
Piscesaki Piscesaki Dec 28, 2016
                              Friend Kyle:Your Awkward irl
                              Friend Angelica: He's RIGHT SWEETIE
CupCakeDude CupCakeDude Oct 10, 2016
Woah there sweetheart, calm it down. Here, have some holy water.