Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

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Kay Monét By ANTMBi Updated Dec 28, 2015

It stands on the east side of 57th avenue. Sitting on the corner to be exact. Heartbreak hotel is. club where anybody who's somebody goes to get high, drunk, and dance the whole night away. Many singers have discovered there. Many dancers even. That's exactly what happened when Aaliyah Haughton. A high strung teen with a troubling past was discovered along with her three best friends and sisters by a big time producer, Quincy Jones. As well as big time child star, Michael Jackson.

From them on as they fame grow they find themselves running into the heartbreak that fame has to offer. With only their love, Michael and Aaliyah go on to break records through the eighties and 90s with their amazing talents. Trying not absorb too much of the pain in their relationship. Will they be able to? Or will they find themselves lost behind the steel walls of the Heartbreak Hotel

Michael Jackson/Aaliyah


  • aaliyah
  • abuse
  • drugs
  • fame
  • heartbreak
  • hotel
  • jackson
  • love
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ANTMBi ANTMBi Oct 19, 2014
@HeleneJacksonxx awwww thanks :D it just makes me want to continue doing what I love. I might rewrite and have it published. not as a fan fiction though. Lol
HeleneJacksonxx HeleneJacksonxx Oct 19, 2014
@ANTMBi I think it's genius! Michael and Liyah's relationship is so beautiful! I remember when Soulmates had as many votes as this story XD I just saw the number and my jaw dropped. Girl I'm so happy for you, it's amazing how many reads, comments, and votes you have! <3
ANTMBi ANTMBi Oct 19, 2014
@HeleneJacksonxx God, I know right? I am so blessed. I had no idea it would be this big. like, seriously. I'm not even kidding. I just wanted it to be better than. the For All Time Series
HeleneJacksonxx HeleneJacksonxx Oct 19, 2014
Holy sh*t you've got a lot of reads on this story! I remember when it had just reached 11k!
Glowy21 Glowy21 Oct 18, 2014
Lols I'm sure I will not get too mad. I love how even though this is another MJ and Liyah story its different
ANTMBi ANTMBi Oct 18, 2014
@Glowy21 well, I hope you enjoy!!!! don't get too mad at some of the things the characters do. I tried to talk them out of it