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Behind the Glasses (yaoi)

Behind the Glasses (yaoi)

301K Reads 10.6K Votes 28 Part Story
Samantha By sami1303 Completed

Tyler is a boy that is bullied at school and abused by his drunk parents at home, then he meets the bad, yet sweet, Joe, whom is the only one that save him from the darkness that is slowly starting to take over him. YAOI/ boyxboy/ gay.                               Copyright 2014 sami1303

you aren't aloud to sound that cool with a name like joe lolz
Insanelyalone Insanelyalone Apr 29, 2016
I love her, that teacher can go die under a strait couples remains
MrBishieOYL MrBishieOYL Jun 21, 2016
Omfg I love u author chan because I noticed ur name is Samantha and so is hers so this must be u lol
Sam_Vantas Sam_Vantas Nov 25, 2016
But it's not....this is why there is such a bad stigma about yaoi. Yaoi is just the story of two guys in love and their relationship. Yaoi hentai is the sex of yaoi. 
                              I already love this book btw
calmpilots calmpilots Jan 24
sam is me
                              i am sam
                              we are one 
                              (we have the same name anyway)
KSwitcher KSwitcher Dec 26, 2016
Samantha is literally me with the yaoi, but Tyler is me in the school situation