Rejection / Not Writing

Rejection / Not Writing

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alyyssssa By AlyssaJamie121 Updated May 31, 2015

"I Conner Luke reject you Toni Smith". I felt a sharp pain in my body when I heard those words but I ignored it. My wolf told me to beg him to forgive me for whatever I did but I did the opposite. " Thank you now I don't have to reject you" as I walk away I look at him and smirk while he has a shocked expression. I wasn't about to cry I might feel a part of me missing but my life wouldn't be over just because I got rejected.

Conner Luke a 17-year old werewolf.He is the schools bad boy.Hes also the son to be alpha of the dark moon pact.The third strongest pack in the world.Conner is the one who beats and bully's Toni everyday in school in-till she left.Now his heart is broken and will do anything to get Toni back.

Toni Smith a 16-year old werewolf w
ho lives on her own, no friends, and is bullied bad by her school sometimes even beaten. Now will be rejected be the tip of the iceberg to make her leave this pack. After leaving does she find love that isn't her mate or will she have second mate. And who will mark her first.....

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Wrote when I was 14, not continuing.

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Duuuudeeee!!!Best friends are supposed to be friends even if it means you three against the whole freakin pack!!
f-the-world f-the-world Mar 19
We all know a conner that needs a slap around the face , with a chair , made of steel , by hulk
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jul 12, 2016
It is not Cool that the whole pack had to be against Her! 😄 😄
prettygirl100803 prettygirl100803 Mar 26, 2014
english? is your teacher supposed to let you play on ur phones
tygerkitty tygerkitty Mar 19, 2014
it's a very good start, please continue to write, lengthy chapters w/more graphic details & add some twists, to make yr story, more interesting.  thanks & good luck. ...
vampires02 vampires02 Mar 18, 2014
I love this story please keep writing, u have amazing talent!!!<3