Aftermath [malexmale]

Aftermath [malexmale]

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[Book 8] Xenon, one of the last remaining Atlantean gods, loathes gods and higher ups. It's why he prefers the company of much lesser demons. One particular demon, however, has captured his attention...


[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

  • atlantean
  • atlantis
  • boyxboy
  • god
  • greek
  • hades
  • imp
  • manxman
  • mythology
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i might be wrong but i pronounce the names as ce-non, ce-li-us and ca-ni-us
i read ‘i wasn’t being cocky; i just had a good package’
how can you see that it’s a he? did you ask? was his junk hanging out
i personally prefer book 1 and six though... i wish they made those into movies
What if he’s in the middle of sex... and gets summoned.. I-
It would be so cool of he transformed Atlantis a land for the imps ¶;