My Muted Mate. *editing*

My Muted Mate. *editing*

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Abigail Crow never had the best life. Her father is abusive and her mother an alcoholic. The only thing stopping her from calling the police is her little brother, Tyler, who she doesn't want to get separated with. Her father tormented her all her life, she socially awkward and traumatized that she forced to stay quiet, her father not wanting to risk anything. 

Scott Russo is just like any other guy-aside from his family being all wolves. He watches his brothers be with their mates and wants that, but after two years of being alone, he still waiting. 

So when Abigail and Scott meet, both their lives changes.

- - -
Second Book Is Called My Rebellious Mate
Third Book Is Called My Warlock Mate
*A New Dawn--this is in the same world but different characters and time period.

    hgames113 hgames113 7 days ago
    Not Lena yall😂 there's a whole other book about her and its just as amazing❤️ #rr
    I like how there's a backstory about how werewolves came to being a thing
    Casper5660 Casper5660 May 28
    Is it weird I like Theo? He's legit grown on me so much in Season 6 😂😂 (And Stiles has always been my baby sooooo...)
    i get the feeling her mom might have gone through that and didnt want the same for her.
    -bubi- -bubi- Aug 03
    Wow the first werewolf story where the guy isn't a huge fückboi
    peachyg2319 peachyg2319 Jun 13
    June 12 2017
                                  9:54 pm
                                  Round 23 here we go 
                                  (Freaking love this series)