The Price of Duty

The Price of Duty

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Frank Ifunya By Frankfimy Updated Jun 16, 2012

Osunya- The man whose life has been torn apart having to choose between Love or Duty.

Nsibi- Is Osunya's one true Love. Strong willed,devoted and loves Osunya beyond anything.

Nkwen- The girl Osunya is forced to marry by his clan.She is a sweet,Innocent and a lovely girl who wants nothing but to obey her parent's wishes.

Father- Osunya's tough,tradition upholding father.

Mother- Osunya's Loving mother.


This tale dates back centuries ago,
In the age of clans,
    And other things we're too Naive to know,
    In the days where tradition and duty reigned supreme,
Translated to a western tongue,
To suit this modern scene,
     For the language uttered in is now dead,
     Or else you couldn't understand the words said.

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  • tradition
Frankfimy Frankfimy Apr 21, 2012
@KatherineK Thank you for viewing this ..Traditions are good but they tend to cause a lot of problems in the society they belong too ..I would really want the bad ones to be forgotten and forsaken and the good cherished forever
KatherineK KatherineK Apr 20, 2012
This is a great poem, really full of emotions and conflicts that are almost unsolvable. Tradition always tends to overrule and she is hard to be both forgotten or forsaken. Great poem, keep up the great work!
Frankfimy Frankfimy Mar 10, 2012
Thanks for the comment i'm really having trouble with the rhythm part my self ..I'll just read more poems to get better on that more quickly..
fairyfree fairyfree Mar 09, 2012
I love the topic and the dialogue between father and son. It almost sounds like it could be set to music. I had a hard time finding your rhythm though. There was one there. I just kept losing it. But I am not a professional myself. I do like the style though.