he ate my homework || nomorebullying || (slowly editing)

he ate my homework || nomorebullying || (slowly editing)

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You know that common excuse, The Dog Ate My Homework?
Well, let's tweak that up just a bit to... one of the most notorious boys in your whole school ate yours.

Ashley Nelson.
Nerdy, geeky, straight A good girl. Pretty cliché right?

Every girl believes they can change him.
But Bryce Anderson won't change his ways. But not in the way you're thinking. He's just your typical teenage boy with problems at home and a lot to hide.

Now what happens when this trouble maker thinks that he can turn the tables and change the good girl?

His face was so close against mine, I could practically feel his breath on my lips. He whispers to me so closely that I think it was a broken peace of my imagination. He says, "I thought someone as smart of you wouldn't be so naive to everyone around her."
I look at him in the eye and without thinking twice I reply, "How? I have you as a friend don't I?"
He smirks and leans in taking away any distance that had remained between us, "just friends?"
"More. After all you did eat my homework."
He pulls his face back a bit, and I see a bit of red creeping up his neck, "I ALREADY EXPLAINED MY REASONING!"

He Ate My Homework
By: Hatay46
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