The Human Mate

The Human Mate

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Meg ♥ By Meggie13 Updated Apr 08, 2015

Mae has always been your average teen floater girl. She wasn't nerdy nor popular. She has always had the same group of friends and always like to be herself. The weird shy girl. What if one day she finds something out about a new, different world? What if she finds out about werewolves and she is mated to one of them, the Alpha?

Rejection? The word that Myles Priddy used on me. What did he mean? My best guy friend, Ethan, knew as he dragged me outside, only to have Myles following behind us.

That Day everything changed.

The Day I found out about Werewolves, the day I found out I am Mates with one of them. Myles. According to everyone, he's the alpha of the Emerald Pack.

After the Mark leaves me, something changes inside me. Something changes as I see the world in a new perspective. And no, I do not become a Werewolf, that would be just too cheesy. But things do change, they change that special day when I become, The Human Mate.

*Slowing changing Misha's name to Myles*
*Slow Editing*

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21luvschrishemsworth 21luvschrishemsworth Feb 05, 2017
So I'm guessing you like shorter guys (not short but shorter) no 6 ft and up?!?!
elephant44 elephant44 Feb 15, 2016
I like ure prologue,  I will read ure story, it sounds interesting
Alex_Eve Alex_Eve Jan 05, 2016
Same here..........i love commenting in random places........weird facts about misty :)