Fairy Tail: The Light Found In The Dark

Fairy Tail: The Light Found In The Dark

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AquaStar2013 By AquaStar2013 Updated Apr 23, 2015

When Lisanna comes back from the "dead," Lucy is neglected by her friends and family, the people who she trusted, the ones she called nakama. Some stay by her side, like Gray and Levy, but many wanted her out of the guild! One day, when she is repeatedly called weak and kicked out of Team Natsu, she goes on a journey to become stronger and find her true self. But when she goes to the lost town of Athos, also known as the Valley of Dragons, she is ambushed by a rogue, looting guild. Overpowered by sheer numbers and at a disadvantage because of lost magical energy, she tries her hardest to survive, but gives up all hope as she is about to die.

But she doesn't. She is saved by Mizuko, the Water Dragon. Lucy follows Mizuko to meet all the Dragons, Igneel, Grandine, and even Metalicana! Along with other Dragons, Lucy spends years learning the Lost Magic, Dragon Slaying. After mastering every single element, she is dubbed, "Queen Lucy, Ruler of the Dragons." As a precaution for their Queen, Mizuko and the other Dragons send her to the Demon Town, Defloria, where she meets the "King of Demons."

❤Meet Azazel, the Demon King with a dark past. 
❤Haunting her past, she meets Natsu and Gray, once again.
❤Along the journey, Lucy meets Sting Elucliffe and Rogue Cheney, the Twin Dragons from Sabertooth.
❤ But somewhere out there, Zeref is hunting her down.

It weighs on Lucy's shoulders to defeat Zeref before he brings the whole world of Earthland down. But amongst the way, she will risk having her heart broken, into little fragments, never to be whole again. Join Lucy, in her journey of life and fate; Only, in this life, Lucy is the controller of destiny. She decides whether humanity lives--Or dies.

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Bibblefit Bibblefit Dec 25, 2015
I just kinda frizzed out like OMG SHES ALIVE after bursting into tears and it's Christmas and I've been reading for like thirty seconds
DayanaMazariegos5 DayanaMazariegos5 Dec 14, 2015
Bruh..... I feel like I am going to get addicted to this story
Eloise204010 Eloise204010 Jul 31, 2015
-.- Shame on you. You just ruined the story for me. why do you tell us that she isn't dead and  imply that she is a now an ice mage. Telling us what happens takes the fun out of reading the book for ourselves.
shane_fallen_angel shane_fallen_angel Jul 06, 2015
you just told me what would happen dude that is saying this is the beginning middle oh and here's the big secret this persons Lucy she was never dead just.....dude I know what's gonna happen normally I don't do this but you gotta change or delete that that sucks there is no more mystery to the book
rojacks rojacks Mar 13, 2015
@urcrazyfangirl nah, she accompanies them sometimes, but as far as im aware she's not technically member and still goes on her own jobs
rojacks rojacks Apr 18, 2014
but team Natsu is Natsu, Erza, Gray and Lucy. That's 4. counting Happy is 5, so adding Lisanna would make 6 so they don't need to kick Lucy out?