Fade to Blank (London Lies #1)

Fade to Blank (London Lies #1)

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C F White By CFWhiteUK Updated 4 days ago

A celebrity accused of murder. A writer who'd sold out. The lies that bring them together. 

It's 1999. Jackson Young, one half of UK TVs presenting dream team, is arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend. After no clear evidence to convict, he is released from prison and determined to clear his name. 

Fletcher Doherty is a writer stuck in the reviews and gossip column of the newest online magazine. So when Jackson Young approaches him to write his biography, the potential to elevate his career and reap the royalties that such a book would bring, ultimately make him accept the job that no-one wants.  

Fletcher has no idea what lurks beneath the story of Jackson Young's rise to fame and he finds himself entangled into a web of lies and manipulation that runs deep. And working so closely with such a captivating persona makes it hard for him to keep the distance his professional status requires. 

Even if that means losing everything.