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S. Wilde By Skyler_Wilde Updated 2 hours ago

In the distant future there are two powers that control Merridian city. The first: A dictatorship known as the Silver Sun whose militant soldiers enforce the law. The second: A crime lord known as Scorpion. She controls the entire black market, faction gangs, and every other killer for hire in the city. 

They are Division 52.
The crime lord has no intention of overthrowing the Silver Sun. But when killings with Silver Sun marks start littering around the city's upper class sectors, action must be taken. The death toll quickly rises on both sides and tensions between sectors reaches its boiling point. 

The game all changes when Scorpion discovers that the emperor of the Silver Sun has a daughter.
Scorpion finds herself both intrigued and excited to steal her away to the Underworld. This girl is impulsive and illusive-nothing of the pampered royalty that was first suspected. With different agendas and impossible backgrounds, the pair are caught between wanting to kill one another and build something more.

After all, blackmail becomes more complicated when your greatest bargaining chip becomes your greatest weakness.