Every nerd need a thug

Every nerd need a thug

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Oreominame By Oreominame Updated Apr 20, 2015

Hello My Name Is Shay And This Is My Story....

It all started when i was 16. Y'all probably wondering what the fuk this crazy ass bitch talking bout. Well let me explain......

"Ma!!!" I yelled as i entered the house. I droped by bag by the door and took off my grape ice jordans. Its the only pair i owned right now. I got it from my dad as a gift for good grades. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple and washed it.

"MA!!!" I yelled again. I swear if she aint come down here im fenna blow. I took a bite of the apple and made my way to my moms room. I only live with my mom. I don't know where my dad is or who he is actually.

I opened her door only to be greeted by emptiness. Smh shoulda known.

I left her room and went to my room and drop on my bed.

I turned the tv on to spongebob. I love spongebob. He ma hubby for all eternity.

I was laughing at patrick when he got hit in the head by a coconut I swear when the house phone ring. I reached over and grabbed the phone off the j...

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