Stolen By The Mafia (ManxMan)

Stolen By The Mafia (ManxMan)

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Elyana Vamprie By Insanity_Wram Updated Jan 16

A cold blooded killer. 

Frances Mafia Leader.

An innocent boy.

His virginity stolen by a drunken killer.

Sébastien Ambroise and Riley Pate has somehow ended up in a tangled journey in which hearts tie together, and promises are formed to be broken. Tears, blood, and heartache will happen, as someone falls in love, and someone vows to stay hateful. 

(WARNING THIS BOOK : contains mature scenes between two guys, crude language, and lots of graphic violence. A rape scene and torture scenes will be included. Read at your own risk)

  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • dark
  • gay
  • mafia
  • manxman
  • romance
  • thrilling
  • violent
Of course...cheers...!!!!
                              Ellesugi is one of a brighful and smart author I ever know in wattpad.....
DisguisedWhisperer DisguisedWhisperer Jul 07, 2017
Clicked on dis cause the title looks like Cole Sprouse 👀😊
kanekiremilia kanekiremilia Dec 09, 2017
nooo don't come to college. it's a hell. much worse than high school
IssaBTSaRMy IssaBTSaRMy Jul 21, 2017
Isn't that date rape since he's drunk and can't make rational thoughts to say yes or no? Idk I'ma just go 😂
RandomSpoonBoi RandomSpoonBoi Jul 31, 2017
Cole Sprouse, you beautiful man. (This is definitely going to be a good book)
xX-Lilah-Xx xX-Lilah-Xx Jun 13, 2017
Cool aid? Lol I know what you meant, but can I just say...the blue's my favorite