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It is my pleasure to inform you have you have been accepted to Kildare Academy of the Arts VOICE department. This academy is specialized in helping those gifted to achieve their goals. Love will defy all odds at Kildare Academy, we encourage it to be love for the arts but love is strange and knows no rules. 

Ask Carter and Evalyn. 

A forbidden romance between step brother and step sister that never should have happened. Evalyn has decided that even if she shouldn't be love Carter she isn't going to regret it, she is even going to enjoy it- even if she'll never admit she's in love with him.  What happens when he says he is in love with her, how long can she hide the fact that she feels the same about him. 

To hid her feelings she throws herself into her school work and singing, which in Kildare Academy of the Arts VOICE program you get the once in a lifetime chance to do both. With the senior show coming up and the potential recruitment offers for opera companies across the world she need to focus on singing, not her step- brother, hard to do when she lives with him and every chance they get they can't keep their mouths to themselves. 

Please bring with you on the first day of classes: 
* Your strength, you'll need it to endure the tough lessons.
* Your .passion, it's going to be a difficult year, in more ways than one.
* Your VOICE, it will be needed to sing. 

May I be the first to welcome you to Kildare Academy of the Arts! Where lines are crossed and love defies all odds.

  • brother
  • choir
  • forbidden
  • love
  • romance
  • school
  • sister
  • step-siblings
  • teen
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HaierSky HaierSky Sep 15, 2012
wow i never thought i'd be a fan of books like these
                              hehe u must be a great writer
Thatwasawkward Thatwasawkward Jun 04, 2012
Normally stories that start with someone waking up are overdone and boring, but this was really great! Your first paragraph was awesome : )
jaylove44 jaylove44 May 03, 2012
I reaally like it and Im adding it to my reading list. Thanks for commenting on mine I used your info to hopefully make it BETTER! :)
CrazyGirl34 CrazyGirl34 Apr 27, 2012
Love it! I like hoe you introduce the characters and describe things. I also like how it starts slow in the beginning and then picks up the pace near the middle! :)
AliciaLynn AliciaLynn Apr 20, 2012
This is super good so far! I really like the plot and you have great details. Great job with developing the characters as well :) Voted! You definitely deserve it :)
InfiniteGrace InfiniteGrace Apr 08, 2012
Haha! And the plot thickens..... I really like it! :D its an interesting plot! Keep updating! Just watch out for some grammar stuff but content wise its great! :)