The New Age

The New Age

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WhyShouldICare By WhyShouldICare Updated Nov 26, 2012

For centuries, light and dark forces have been living seperatly, In fear of each other. Everything was different, Schools, houses, cafes, and public facilites. And everyone liked it that way, until..

Alfred Fitzgerald was elected Grand Minister of magic. In order to be Grand Minister he had to give up his powers, to keep the peace. His idea of the new age is to intergrate all of them. Many are against it, and some have formed anti-intergration groups.

The story starts when a group of teenagers join the ressitance for the plans not to go through. On the way they discover  the true meaning of loyalty, courage, and perssitance. 

They also discover, the ones you don't expect are the bad guys usually are.

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Wonderful first chapter :) 
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