Did You Get My Good Side? | Hiatus

Did You Get My Good Side? | Hiatus

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Fallon Elizabeth By BornToWrite47 Updated May 28, 2017

When a person hears the word: pageant. Cameras, bright lights, runway, and flawless girls are what pop into their heads. However, there's such a thing as boy pageants. One contestant, Dylan Thompson has shined bright in the pageant world. Since the age of four, he has been dressing up in designer Alexander Price and many well known designers. His mother was the one who started his addiction towards the spot light and runway. Dylan thrives on the attention he gets from the crowd. He has won over a hundred pageants, still in counting. Dylan is committed to boy pageants. He is homeschool and on the road. 

That is until, something pops up and shatters Dylan's world into pieces. 
Will he survive it? Or will he fix his life back to the way it was before? 
Or will he learn that everything in life isn't always what it seems?

(1/29/18) [On Hiatus] : Until further notice or when I complete a writing project. 

Gorgeous cover by @splendiferously ! <3 <3

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Ellen_Ronan Ellen_Ronan Nov 03, 2013
He's like a rock star! Oh, and what's he done to cheat? 300th win? So much here to intrigue me...
RaspyKae RaspyKae Feb 01, 2013
Oh, I adore male POVs. Theyre just so much more interesting, especially if done right. I can't wait to see what happens to this guy. 
                              Your precious, little world can't stay perfect forever, champ. haha.
Zach12590 Zach12590 Nov 01, 2012
Lol looks like we got a badboy over here!! XD Story sounds really good. Guys POV is rlly good, lol and this is coming from a guy :)
BornToWrite47 BornToWrite47 Aug 05, 2012
@sweet13dreamer <3 
                              Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. 
                              And I'm thrilled that I got the guy's POV right on. LOL. :) 
                              TradeMistakes is going to be writing Chapter 4 soon, but I don't know how soon. :)
AskLinda AskLinda Aug 05, 2012
OMG I love this story so much I think I'm going to  stalk your page till you upload again.LOL just kidding.  You did the Guy poverty good envenomed my boyfriend says so and he disentangle like many stories on wattpad.point is you rock :)
BornToWrite47 BornToWrite47 Apr 16, 2012
@TheJourney Thank you so much!! :DD 
                              I'm glad that I can write a good guy's point of view. haha :)