Shit Happens | ✓

Shit Happens | ✓

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They say, "Life is what happens, when you're planning other things."

For me, a certain guy named Ethan King, happened.

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Teen Fiction #172 [08.06.15]

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kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Aug 17
eh i'm sorta in the middle. i don't like casting too much attention to myself but i do want to at least be acknowledged for something before i leave behind that hell-hole, as much as i despite it
Reihanaxox Reihanaxox Oct 05
By the looks of the cast i know you watch teen wolf ❤️❤️ 🤘👏🐺🌑
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Aug 17
okay so the title was enough to get my attention and this blurb just made me screech as if i found golden treasure, so i guess you can say i'll be here until the end <---i probably jinxed it but oh well
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Aug 17
okay first, i'm in love with this metaphor. second, back when Nutella was in hysteria among everyone, i felt like the odd man out because i do not like the spread at all
i remember reading this book a while ago when it wasnt completed and now tjat it is im so happy omg
I'm not here for reading the book but @tympanic where's Just Another Crush? That was my fav book!! 😭😭