Forever in a Day (Completed)

Forever in a Day (Completed)

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Sthefany By Sthefany Completed

Amanda and Jace best friends for life. Ever since those diaper days they have been together. Jace is a player (no surprise there) Amanda is a flirt but at the same time is in a committed relationship. What happens when Amanda goes through a tough break up? She's left vulnerable at a party with lots of alcohol. And whats worse she wakes up naked in a bed next to her best friend Jace. 

Can they save their relationship? 

What happens when your whole life is changed in one day... and can they save their forever?

Sequel to My Brother's Friends.

_writingislife _writingislife Jun 05, 2015
I've read like three of your books and I can officially say I'm obsessed 
Zipslide Zipslide Feb 21, 2015
I have already started loving this book i cant wait to finish this:) And also i just finished your other book brothers friends it was amazing!!!!!! I love ur books they're awesome<3
Shamowh_Alm Shamowh_Alm Jun 25, 2013
When is the ending ? I want you to finish it so that i'd start reading it ! Good events btw !!
supplexu supplexu Mar 09, 2013
awwwww.... amanda and jace are cute together at this age and i cant wait to read more . been reading the other book first and just finished it yesterday :)
                              it was an awesome read and cant wait to read more on this one as well.
Sthefany Sthefany Mar 07, 2012
@RawrAerikaRawr  I really did love it thanks again. Your welcome and it's the least I could do.