The Rules of a Player

The Rules of a Player

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OrigamiAirplanes By OrigamiAirplanes Updated May 11, 2016

Wren Harrington is a notorious player. Son and heir of Harrington Global Corporations, his name and image is emblazoned on everything and everyone's mind. Spoiled, arrogant, charming and handsome Wren both infuriates and entices women and men alike with his bad boy personality. 

The only rules Wren Harrington follows are the rules of a player: *Don't get attached, and don't get played at by your own game.* As a result, not a single girl is able to resist him, and not one girl is able to hold onto him.

After an explosion of scandals by the press and nearly disgracing the family name, Wren's father decides to finally step in and set things straight. Mr. Harrington punishes Wren by sending him to his grandfather's farm for the summer. In the small town of Dewick, Pennsylvania, two hours outside of Philedelphia, there is nothing to do and nothing to see, except work under his strict and cold grandfather. 

There on the farm, however, is Addison Andrews, a stubborn, strong-willed, and gorgeous girl who works under Wren's grandfather. For the first time ever, Wren meets someone who not only is able to resist his pursuit but also makes him break his own rules.

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Fangirl6543210 Fangirl6543210 May 09, 2016
Is it wrong to think that Gabby/Abby is not her name and it's actually Rachel?? 😂😂😂😂😂
Zamorah Zamorah Aug 04, 2014
It's good book so far I'm actually surprised not a lot of ppl have written good comments about this book yet
Steph22 Steph22 Feb 23, 2012
Love it do far.
                              Wow he is a class 10 a~hole. He needs some girl to come and tie him down. Make him fall for her hehe :)
                              Anyways I shall read on :)
TheMoonGlitters TheMoonGlitters Jun 23, 2011
Hey!! I love this on ML, and you've inspired me to make a Wattpad too! Love this story! I'm OwlWoodsRiver on ML!