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❝You saved that girl. You're a he-❞

❝Finish that sentence and you'll lose a jaw.❞


Draegan Razor a.k.a Hell Hound, wasn't a hero.

Heroes were brave, selfless and beacons of hope, especially in the grand Richmond City, the city that homed the superhero organization, The Warriors Of Light.

Draegan was the type of guy that saved his own skin, only cared about staying alive, getting food, if anything, he was a beacon of despair and headaches.

Let's not forget he was quick to shoot a guy in the chest for being annoying. 

That doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad guy though.


Cover by the amazing @hectaemma

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Featured story: 08/08/2017

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You need to take a chill pill and stop this😂 it's too much.
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ANOTHER ONE?! Who cares? The more of your writing the better!
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Stop. You're going to end up like me. 😂 To many books are already uploaded to your profile.
Since fox decided to hire thanos as cable well let's just say I feel like crap more than ever.
                              -The guy with 2 swords and maximum effort.
It's gonna be great.
                              The title reminds me of a Japanese Rock Band named Sekai No Owari. They have a song titled 'Anti Hero'.
                              IIIIIITS UMBREON!!!!!
                              (Thank you for this)