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alekorval99 By alekorval99 Updated Dec 21, 2013

Kortney's P.O.V.

     "Hurry Kortney, the prince is arriving in the courtyard and we still have to get you dressed." My best friend and hand maiden Destinee tugged lightly on my wrist. I obliged reluctantly and practically ran to keep up with her brisk pace.

     This was it. I was finally meeting the man that my father had betrothed me to when I wasjust two years old. I tried to hide my excitement from anyone, I was opposed to being told who I would marry. I wanted to be married to a man of my choice whom I loved with all my heart not some stranger that my father picked. Despite my wishes, I was excited to meet this newcomer.

    My faher had arranged this meeting to be originally when he would be there to help smooth things over but unfortunately he was called away on a neccessary mission. So i was left alone to meet this man.

   "What if I don't like him?" I once again asked Destinee,"What if I am stuck marrying a total jerk who just wanted to marry into our throne? So many thin...