Not just Kookie (Rewriting In Progress)

Not just Kookie (Rewriting In Progress)

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just_anotherfangirls By just_anotherfangirls Updated Jun 25

"what?" He uttered warily, his tone was that of disbelieved as he whispered the word to the smug man in front. He just stared at the man, his body rigid and tense.

The man's small smile turned into a smirk. Jimin felt himself swallowing his spit at his smirk. He could feel his face flushed in embarrassment, he'd rather die than admit he had reacted to his words strongly.

The man crossed his bare arms over his naked chest, a damn hot muscular chest at that..Jimin's breath hitched in his throat at the sight of his bulging muscles. He cursed internally at the dirty thoughts appearing in his mind. He prayed the man didn't notice this.

Unfortunately, he did, the man noticed this and oh, how he loves it all. He flexed his bicep just to spite Jimin further.

Jimin just want to punch this cocky kid once and for all! His lips trembled and his legs felt like jelly.

"I asked you if you want me to assist you with your needs?" Jungkook repeated, with a low voice.  His voice was so hoarse and husky in all the right way. Tone and stature promising a good time.

God, Jimin had never felt so wrecked before, he was practically drooling over the man. This man made him want something he shouldn't want before. He made him feel weak and vulnerable yet so fucking wanted! He should be repulsed but not when he also wants the man.

Fuck! He shouldn't want this! This is so fucking wrong! Shit! This is so disgusting!

But his body said otherwise. His submissive self took control of his body. Hesitantly, Jimin nodded his head meekly. His flushed skin went up to his ears at his surprising action. 

Fuck! this is not who he is!

"Yeah...I want it...Want you to wreck me so fucking hard, I can't think of anything.."


Dominant Jungkook just wants to have control.

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Infires1738 Infires1738 Oct 21, 2017
Me..counting how many pieces of candy I'm girl needs her Suga in her diet
MochiJiminJams2 MochiJiminJams2 Nov 23, 2017
That's me counting how many spoonfuls of icecream I'm eating.
just_anotherfangirls just_anotherfangirls Aug 20, 2017
I don't even know if that's even possible. I couldn't do more that 30...I just wrote it after I saw my big brother doing like 300 push-ups so..i guess?
teamsolby teamsolby Oct 15, 2017
Bloody wish teachers went undercover in my school that would be lit asf
softmentaru softmentaru Oct 22, 2017
I’m sorry, but with eyebrows showing Jungkook makes us all feel attacked even more. We don’t need that, excuSe mE
MochiJiminJams2 MochiJiminJams2 Nov 23, 2017
Also how the hell can someone do that many push ups? I can't even do one, I'm not even kidding about that.