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JurassicSierra By ElectricShock95 Updated Jun 22, 2017

One would say she has no emotion,  just a empty shell that's been overtaken by the beast that lies within her. 
Jasper knows the truth behind those words, but says nothing. 
She knows about the beast that lives in her, but to her its no beast. 

It's a friend.

Jasper Shade is an outcast, most wont ever look in her direction.

After all, what do they know? her creature's supposed to be extinct.   
Everyone gets a animal, weather it's a fish or a tiger, fused in your DNA at birth. No one knows why, it's just the way things go. Even though this a magical land, no one has ever gotten a mystical creature. So imagine the surprise when Jasper is born with a dragon as an animal , on top of that, she was born with altered human legs. That's not supposed to happen. No, what's supposed to happen is a child is born with animal fused DNA, adding a few body parts of that animal on to your human body. And enhancing your abilities depending on what animal you got.  Never altering  the body you have.

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