Love me, Master [ Boy X Boy ]-Sequel to My Pet-Slave (ON HOLD)

Love me, Master [ Boy X Boy ]-Sequel to My Pet-Slave (ON HOLD)

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RinBubbleteaXX By RinBubbleteaXX Updated Apr 01, 2012

With anger and sadness mixed inside of his heart, Aura had just been dumped by the man whom he loved for years and years. Unable to get rid of the feelings, he suddenly met a low commoner who stole his father's sacred treasure.

Surprisingly, the low commoner looked and resembled almost like his ex boyfriend, Neo. To find such a thing to happen, Aura imprison  the man, who goes by the name Xylen. 

While keeping the man who looked like his ex boyfriend, Aura decided to vent his anger out against Xylen but as time progressed, was Aura and Xylen going to develop feelings for each other?

Even though Aura was forced to be engaged with a woman he refused so many times?

RinBubbleteaXX RinBubbleteaXX Mar 09, 2012
@MusicWriter14 Aw, I'm glad you had fun. And yes, Cody left me! But I'm glad you'll be back tomorrow. c:
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