She Paints Pain

She Paints Pain

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Hannah Marie H. By hmarieh1218 Completed

Rain's been through hell her whole life. Between her abusive dad, her brother who blames her for everything and the bullies at school, she has it hard. But when things start to settle down and Rain discovers her long life crush ends up being her mate, she is thrilled. She can see her whole life finally coming together.

Until he rejects her. Her worlds crumbles and everything keeps getting worse. The threats get physical, her brother makes her life hell and her mate brings home a different girl every night. Pain never seems to leave her side.

What happens when she discovers that her brother has lied to her for years? That the person she trusted most turns around and stabs her in the back? What will she do when her biggest fear comes back to haunt her for the second time in her life, tearing her apart from the inside out? Will she ever be happy?

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I love drawing all I need is to perfect my hands and facial features and feet's and my human drawings are going to be perfect
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